Be Well Balanced Spa Packages in Asheville, NC
Spa Packages

Appalachia Couples Escape

Choose between our Deep Cleansing Facial, or our Integrative Massage followed by a nourishing scalp massage and foot scrub. Champagne and local chocolates included.

$195 per couple


Blue Ridge Diva's

Enjoy a 30 min facial and 30 minute massage, followed by a nourishing scalp massage and foot scrub. Champagne and local chocolates included.


$110 per person


Organic Asheville

Feel the love and support the local movement with our Farm to Table Facial utilizing local made products. Includes gemstone therapy and our Tension Tamer Massage. Herbal tea and local chocolates included. 

$120 per person


Just Got Hitched

Newlywed's in need of some me time before or after the Big Day! 30 minute Integrative massage, 30 minute Deep Cleansing Facial, Foot Retreat Soak. Champagne and local chocolates included. 

$200 per couple
Upgrade to an hour massage and facial plus foot soak for $320 per couple


Massage Services in Asheville, NC
Massage Services

Integrative Massage

Integrated massage techniques of Swedish, Thai, joint mobilization, trigger point therapy, and aromatherapy are utilized to create a relaxing massage treatment that is effective and therapeutic for sore muscles and tension related disorders of the muscular system.


60 minutes  $70   |   90 minutes  $100


Deep Tissue Massage

A uniquely therapeutic massage treatment that utilizes firm to deep pressure applications.  Myofascial and trigger point therapies are incorporated as well as gentle stretching techniques to release areas of muscle tension/spasms and chronic pain patterns. Use of hot compresses and pain-relieving gels are included as well.


60 minutes  $80   |   90 minutes  $110


Tension Melt

This massage focuses on back neck and shoulders, melting away tension and relieving stress. Pain relieving gels and hot towels are utilized in this treatment.

30 minutes  $45


Add on Services  

Hot stones  $15   |   Aromatherapy  $10   |   10 min scalp massage  $15
Rejuvenating eye treatment  $10   |   Oxygen Boost  $10


Skin Care in Asheville, NC
Skin Care

Deep Cleansing Facial

Customized facial treatment to meet the needs of the health and beauty of your skin. Includes deep pore cleansing techniques through the use of steam application, natural fruit acids/AHAs, and gentle exfoliators to promote the release of clogged follicles. Organic oils and herbal infused masks are utilized to hydrate and assist in balancing the moisture content in your skin cells. Extractions are included. Customized treatment for all skin types.   




Jet Clear Hydro Facial

The newest technology in microdermabrasion utilizes water, oxygen and saline to not only exfoliate, but hydrate, while dramatically improving the appearance and texture of the skin. This gentle cleansing unclogs pores and removes debris that naturally builds up. This treatment is highly effective for wrinkle reduction, acne and acne scarring, sun spots and overall skin rejuvenation. A series of treatments are recommended for optimal results.

$95  per treatment   |   $255  3 treatments   |   $450  6 treatments   |   $25 for customized serums


Holistic Skin Care Therapy (Organic Facial)

Promotes skin health by cleansing irritants from the skin's surface with the application of hydrotherapy using organic botanical infusions. Skin is nurtured and cleansed with the purest ingredients.  Safe for all skin types.



Clear Face / Acne Therapy

Utilizing the Jet Clear, the skin is "pressure washed" utilizing water, oxygen and acne fighting serums, delivered at supersonic speed. This gentle, yet extremely effective method unclogs pores, reduces blemishes, blackheads and whiteheads.. Anti-inflammatory and calming products made of Tumeric and charcoal.



Waxing Services  

Eyebrows  $15   |   Lip  $10   |   Chin  $10  |   Back  $55   |   Underarm  $20   |   Bikini  $35


Wellness and Health Coaching in Asheville, NC
Wellness Services

Holistic Health and Nutritional Coaching

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, feel more energized or just create a happier healthier life style, this structured program will help you get on the path to achieve optimal health and wellness. By phone or in person options available.              

3 months  $420   |   6 months  $840


Health Evaluation

Designed for those who need some fine-tuning with regards to their diet and or lifestyle. This session will allow plenty of time for specific Q and A’s. 

90 minutes  $99


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